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Washington 529 plan | Education Savings Account

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Washington 529 Get Prepaid Plan - plan type 1

  • Washington is one of the states that offers prepaid 529 plans
  •  Account Values are calculated in units, not shares
  • 100 units equals the cost of 1 year of resident undergraduate tuition at the highest price university in the state of Washington
  • Partial or whole units can be bought
  • Account owner (parent, relative, or friend) or the beneficiary must be a Washington resident when you first enroll in Get Plan
  • Money grows tax free and can be withdrawn tax free if used for higher education expenses, such as tuition, books, room and board, and other qualified expenses
  • Units can be used in the United States and around the world
  • Guaranteed by the state of Washington to keep pace with Washington’s most expensive public university’s tuition and fees
  • The GET plan is not subject to stock market fluctuations
  • The Washington 529 plan is called WA529

Washington 529 Plans Enrollment Portfolios - plan type 2

  • Automatic rebalancing means as the beneficiary gets closer to college, the portfolio shifts towards more conservative assets
  • Good for investors who would rather take a hands off approach to investing and let the professionals handle the portfolio

Washington 529 Plan | Conservative Enrollment Portfolios

Washington 529 Plan | Moderate Enrollment Portfolios

Washington 529 Plan | Growth Enrollment Portfolios

Washington 529 Plan Static Portfolios - plan type 3

  • Owners of the Washington Dream Ahead 529 plans can select from 7 different static portfolio options
  • The static portfolios do not rebalance according to the beneficiary’s age like the enrollment portfolios
  •  Gives owner more flexibility in determining the asset allocation of the portfolio