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Wyoming 529 Plan | Education Savings Account

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Ray Fisher

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Does Wyoming offer a 529 Education Savings Plan?

Wyoming no longer offers a 529 plan. The state dissolved the fund and paid the balances to the participants in 2006.

The state of Colorado allowed the residents of Wyoming to participate in Colorado’s 3 CollegeInvest plans as in-state residents, but that lasted only 5 years and was terminated in 2011.

Common 529 Questions

529 plans are accounts used for educational purposes.  The earnings grow on a tax deferred basis, and can be withdrawn tax free if used for qualified educational purposes.

Colleges, universities, public or private k-12 schools, religious schools, post secondary institutions such as trade schools.

  • tuition and fees
  • k-12 tuition | up to $10,0000 per calendar year
  • technology expenses such as computers and internet¬†
  • books and supplies



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